It's about doing a small thing for yourself and making your space a little bit more delightful.

The Six Persimmons story began in San Francisco with four friends who have the same passion for self-care and balance.  Searching far and wide, we couldn’t find a candle that has premium ingredients without the markup. A candle that makes us feel guilt-free when using it everyday. 

Why can’t a candle be another one of your daily indulgences, as normal as a really good cup of coffee or that glass of wine and dark chocolate to end your night?  Why can’t it be premium like Diptyque or Byredo but still be a fair price?

We set out to fill that void with Six Persimmons Candles.

Our small team handcrafts our candles with a blend of all-natural ingredients including soy wax, essential oils, and phthalate-free perfume oils. Our dreamy scents are inspired by joyful everyday moments, and our aesthetic is minimalist and chic.